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The Date

Posted on Thu Nov 12th, 2020 @ 4:01pm by Lieutenant James Roderick & Cadet Jonathan Forrest

Mission: Episode 3: Aftermath
Location: [Sector India-Navy | Promenade] [Holosuite One]
Timeline: [Mission Day 5 | 1800 Hours]

[Jonathans Quarters]

His first encounter with what he considered to be a senior officer had been impromptu.  Unplanned.  A chance meeting that had turned into a rather enjoyable night that had kept both men up, in more ways than one, till the wee hours of the morning

Now, Jon had been invited on an actual date.  He was familiar, to some degree with such an animal, and it hadn't been that long ago since had one.  But still dates with him had been a rare occurrence since Anjar.

James had been annoyingly vague about the nature of the date, where they would be going, what they would be doing.  He'd only told Jonathan to wear something nice, but not too nice.

So the Senior cadet was dressed in a dove gray pair of chinos and a black buttondown shirt.  He'd also been instructed to wait for James to pick him up and he was pacing around the room with a glance down at a wrist chronometer every two to three minutes even though Roderick wasn't due to arrive for another fifteen minutes.

[James Quarters]

James had finished getting dressed. He wasn't one for getting too dressed up or fancy. Roderick liked to be relaxed, a bit business casual. He put on a pair of darker coloured blue jeans, a nice leather belt, and his bootcut tan pair of timberlands.

A splash of nice cologne, not too heady, and a nice white cotton polo tee. James finished combing his dark brown hair and placed on his father's silver wrist chronometer, chunky and large on his right wrist. Roderick made a note that he no longer needed his old wedding band. Tonight, was all about Jon and him.  

"You studly." He winked himself in the mirror, half-jokingly. He then exited. The first of three different simulations he had pre-programmed on the holosuite. He had ordered the program from the local vendor operator of suites on the station, a part of the station's business community. He had gotten a reasonable rate.

All Roderick had to do now was to take Jonathan's hand along with his. He was excited about what he had planned.

[Jonathans Quarters]

Chiming outside of Jonathan's quarters, he tugged his shirt smooth and re-checked his breath. He looked at his wristwatch. He was right on the mark.

Jonathan had thought about putting on a different outfit, he'd even moved halfway back to his bedroom to do so but had changed his mind.  For one thing, he didn't have time, but, more importantly, it would have just been an exercise in futility.

What he picked out was good enough.  He did scan his shared quarters glad that his roommate was once more absent, on duty, he thought.  Then the door chime sounded and he went to answer it.  "Hey," he said in greeting, "You're right on time."

"Being on time is sort of my thing." He shrugged. "Hey, you look great! Ready for some fun?" He grinned. 

[Sector India-Navy | Promenade]
[Holosuite One]
[Coney Island - Future]

Entering into the holosuite, James had accessed the control panel. Setting the program for the evening in to play, the scene before them had come to life. There was a classical Coney island, boardwalk, the ocean, a sunrise in the distance, along with roller coasters, games, food, and everything.

"Hope your up for some sweet roller coasters." Long gone was the old wooden coasters along the beachside boardwalk. This Coney Island was of a newer version, with some nail-biting gravity race coasters along the wooden classic piers. There was lots of music, smells, coloured lights, and an all-around carnival atmosphere.

"Wow, cool.  This is such a great idea.  It's been a long time since I've been on a rollercoaster  and I love them."

Walking along, James looked at Jon, his face in the sunlight which was fading glistened with the shimmering ride lights ahead. "Hey, how about that one?" James immediately pointed to the largest of the rides. "I could definitely get with some g-forces right now?"

"Yeah, that one does look the biggest of all the ones we've seen so far, let's give it a shot.."

"This looks awesome!" The rides attendants had them sitting side by side as the overhead metal system locked the two into their ride seats. "The forces on this thing are to die for..." He paused. "Well, don't worry we won't die." He laughed, and nudged his elbow into the side of Jon, as the ride was already clinking upwards its tracks for the mount above, into an all-out loop, and dives and twists and curves at breakneck speed. 

Jon let out a loud 'Whoo-hoo!" and he was smiling from ear to ear.

James shouted loudly laughing, as he grasped tight on to the safety bars, the ride taking a deep vertical dive headfirst and then going into three triple upside-down twists. Shaking from the forces side to side he shouted... "AHHHHhhahahahahah!" His eyes were wide open.

Jon with one hand on the safety bar managed to raise his other arm and pump his fist.

After the ride's limited time of hellish turns and twists, they had arrived back on the boardwalk intact. Spotting a vendor offering freshly fried waffle cones with cool vanilla soft serve. "Damn, that was awesome, what's more awesome. I need to stuff my face!" He razzed Jon, locking his forearm around his neck and ruffling up his hair. "Your hair didn't even flinch on that ride!" He laughed

Jon pulled out of the other's grasp in mock protest, but he hadn't stopped smiling since the ride had begun

"Here you go! Two waffle deluxe soft serves..." The man had handed the two officers their cones. James biting into his own... "Damn it, mines great! How is your's Jon?" He asked Jon about to reply when James without a word, leaned across and took a big bite off of the top of Jon's... Licking his lips and swallowing. "Man, I think yours tastes better than mine!" He laughed at the shock on Jon's face. 

"Seriously?"  the cadet queried, his smile turning into a smirk.  "Mine does taste better than yours and I'm  not talking about ice cream either."

As they walked and noticed the different sites, stopping to see some of the festival buskers doing their tricks with flaming circles, and others on trampolines in acrobatics... They ate. 

Stepping up to one of the fair games there was a wall of balloons and air guns. The game centering targets and numbers for different shots. "Alright. We have to do some games! What do you think about this?" James offered. Taking a cue from Jon, James took a step first. Holding up the airsoft gun, he grunted. "Does this guy know we've trained on Type II Phasers?!"  

"I'm pretty sure he's not aware of that," came the reply.

"Gentleman, the aim is to get the balloon, so simple my mother could do it!" The game attendant at the fair egged them on. "Go for the simple prizes or go for the better ones, it's your choice. Only three shots!" 

"Alright Jon, what do you want?" Roderick smiled, eyeing his blue-eyed date. "Make me work for it now?" 

"Oh, I definitely want the big one," Jon said, "you should know that."

"Damn, you are always a sexy talker aren't you?" He grunted and winked devilishly. "I need to concentrate on this." Roderick had taken aim at the higher prize award balloons. Checking his air gun to see its makeup, its potential of release, and pressure. He then aimed the red balloon. Aiming in his attack stance as he would a phaser, he stood eyeing the crosshairs and at the split second, blasted! The balloon being hit and popping loudly. 

"That's a lucky shot, you should try the ones down easier, to check your aiming." The gruff employee stated, knowing he had a seasoned Federation officer now.

"Not that fast!" He eyed the second balloon, green, wobbling back and forth with the breeze, intent on making it harder. Aiming and breathing serene, he shot the air gun, Blast!! The green balloon blasting away into pieces. 

"What was it?" Roderick turned to the game operator. "One more and I get to choose any prize?" 

"That is the game." He snorted "I think I already got a prize myself, but what's one more?" He spoke lowly to himself, and aiming for the upper right top corner, having to change his firing stance. The white balloon at the top suddenly then bursting, a total of three high point balloons! 

"Hot Damn!" James grunted, and then twirled his gun like a western and blew pretend smoke off the pistol end. "Jon, what you want up there?" He turned to him. 

Jon eyed the possible prices before pointing to a large stuffed teddy bear. "I feel like I'm in Middle School, but I think I want that one."

"I'm having lots of fun so far.  Thanks.  This was a great idea."

Roderick turned to the carnival vendor. "The gentleman will have the large stuffed bear!" He beamed. 

"Here you go!" He handed the big bear to Jon. James chuckled, you best know who your hugging when you hug that thing now." 

"Oh, don't worry," Jon said, "I'll remember."

As it were, the lights and walking were getting a bit tiring now. He reached for his hand now, to find Jon's beside him as they walked, he wrapped his larger hand into his and felt a jolt of happiness run through him. He smiled looking off into the distance, the sun setting over the coastal waters.

"I think it is time we have a sit-down and chat, over something nice to eat." He stated "You can't be full from that junk food we had. No, no. Something more proper." 

[Sector India-Navy | Promenade]
[Holosuite One]
[Effiel Tower - Paris, France 2000's]

Just as James had said, the scene of the holodeck had flashed from Coney Island Boardwalk to that of a completely different vista. 

They were now inside a crude looking, yet opulent for its time, metal elevator. The elevator was at the Eiffel Tower. They were going up hundreds of feet into the horizon of the Paris 1900's skyline. It was just evening on a Saturday, as the sun was setting. The Eiffel Tower had just lit up its thousands of sparkling incandescent lights on the tower. 

"I thought we would be hungry, and we could talk over some fine wine, and cuisine." He came close to Jon in the elevator, who was now holding the stuffed large teddy bear from the carnival.

James gave Jon a look that said prepare as I'm about to plunge your mouth. As James reached forward, and placing his larger hand round' the back of Jon's neck and pulled him gently in for a nice slow and sensual kiss...

The young cadet returned the kiss with an equal passion drinking it in and letting it linger.

As they had finished and broke off, the lift had taken the two to the direct furthest height of observation decking on the iconic tower. Paris, the City of Love was indeed fueling hearts all around that night. As they exited, there was a man in a tuxedo and an attendant at a fancy dinner restaurant at the tower observation. 

"Ah! Mr. Roderick and Company. I am delighted to see you both. Please, come with me, we have your table prepared. The best seat in the house and I do mean best seat. Monsieur Macron himself had requested this table tonight, but we had to deny him."

"Cest domage!" Replied Roderick to the waiter. 

James had stepped up to the white linen table, complete with an abundance of candles, ornate french cutlery, and Louis XV china wares. The music in the background was gentle piano and violins playing softly, but not overpowering. There was the glittering lights of the tower scaffolding around the restaurant, with a view unlike any other hand seen. Overlooking the busy city of Paris at dusk. 

"This is amazing, " Jon said, "did you dig around in my files and find that Paris is one of my favorite cities on Earth?"

Helping Jon to his seat, Roderick smiled and withdrew it for him, and then seated him back. 
Sitting down, he smiled. "I must admit, I have even surprised myself, a program this authentic!"

"Very," Jon agreed.  I've been here, our century of course and this looks so real"

"Tonight we have a Five Star Chef, Francois Thebault, his classical blue-ribbon specialties in a 7-course setting. Tonight's wine will be a Sauvignon Blanc Trieste house Bordeau circa. 1960 and vine rouge a la Tourneau Boudreau house Montblanc circa 1957." The head waiter had presented tonight's house specialties. 

"Please enjoy yourselves. I will be back un petit peut!" The waiter bowed and then went back to oversee ongoing preparations. When he had left, the wine attendant had arrived and begun filling up tall flute wine glasses of white and reds both respectively. Water also on the table.

"I could use a relaxing drink after that coaster, how about you Jon?" Roderick stated, readying his glass upward for a toast.

Jon picked up the glass holding the white wine and clinked it gently against James' glass.  "Yeah, I think I could use one too."

"This is a great first date "here's to a bunch more."  Then he took a sip of his wine.

Roderick smiled as he enjoyed seeing Jon enjoy himself. He was happy so far that the simple holo date could invoke such fun over the ordinary.

Taking a drink of the white wine, in-suite with Jon, he had clinked his glass in time. “To more dates.” He smiled.

After the sip, they had quieted, taking in the scenery and actions, the smells around them. Breaking that silence, James had asked. “You know Jon. I don’t know much about your family. Tell me more. I am interested. Your mother is Admiral Forrest, and you have a step-mother. Do you have a father?”

Jonathan's shoulder rose and fell.  "Yes and no.  I guess everyone does, don't they? But he was never really a factor in my life.  I only met with him a handful of times.  He's on the station here.  His name is Michael Hall.  He made me play spy for him once fucked up the relationship with the only other boy I thought I loved"

"Turns out he was right about him, but still... "

James realized that Jon’s father was at the station. He had no idea. “That can’t be easy, having your father around. I can’t pretend I understand those depths, but I definitely can appreciate how hard it would be. Especially if your dad had you involved in a situation with someone you had cared deeply.” Roderick had wondered how that would even play out.

"Yeah, well like I said he's never really been part of my life and now he's coming in trying to, I don't know make things right.  But it just made me feel used even though I'm glad in a way that I found out before it was too late."

“Regardless. I bet you will get that ship before you turn old like me!” He had snorted cockily. “Something tell’s me you got the right stuff, Cadet.” He chuckled. Then he reached taking another drink of wine.

This caused Jonathan to smirk, "You're not that old."

Jonathan took a sip of his wine and let his last words hang in the hour before saying, "You know for a Daddy."

"A proud Daddy I am." He winked at Jon. "So, you've never really been on a date before?" Roderick questioned. "I guess being the AGE I am." He quipped. "That makes me a bit old fashioned."

"I dated plenty.  Anjar, my first crush used to hang out, date, lots of fun stuff.  Some of it was kinda school-related, we were on the soccer team together, and the Mock Federation.  But we did plenty of other stuff as well.

And my most recent boyfriend, the traitor, we dated a lot too. There was a period, like shortly after I came to the Academy that I," he paused lowering his voice, "well, to be honest, I fucked around a lot."

"That's not me.  I don't think you're old fashioned at all."

"Cool." Roderick nodded, thinking it through what Jon had told him. While he himself never was the whole fuck around type. He did have lots of sex with various girlfriends.

"Jon. I am glad you had fucked around. You finding out about yourself. And..." He looked into the candles lit on the table, "Love in itself can be short. Forgetting it is longer." His only true love Cass, having been cut short in his life. Learning to move on the past two years was hell, but real.

Jon sensing a shift in the conversation said, "That sounds personal.  Do you want to talk about it?"

"Sorry." Roderick looked at Jon. He was handsome in the candlelit room. "You speak of love. And having lost. I understand how you feel. Love can be fleeting, and when it happens, it happens. It is hard to forget that feeling. Love has turned to fondness now for me since having lost my Wife. But the last thing I had wanted to talk about was this tonight." He smiled at Jon. "You make me smile."

Jon wasn't sure what to make of James' words or actions.  He liked the older man, thought that maybe, just maybe there might be a spark that could turn into something real and lasting, but he didn't want to move too fast either.

"I'm glad I make you smile," he said honestly, his fingers entwining with the older man's.  I feel the same about you."

Just then, the servers had come back to bring them their dinner. The two ate and Roderick couldn't help but eat a lot. He was starved after a long shift that day. He enjoyed spending time in the holodeck for once.

"Damn!" He rubbed his chest. "I think I ate way too much." He felt embarrassed for how fast he ate his food. 

"You're not even done?" He eyed at Jon. He laughed as he took a drink of the wine.

"I'm glad you don't have sex as fast as you eat," the cadet said with a twinkle in his eye.  "I don't know about you, but I like to take my time and enjoy both."

James had cocked his head to the side. "Yeah, I couldn't see rushing sex, I mean that is just a must of me. Don't think I could rush." 

Still smiling Jon said, "I'll be sure to remind you of that later, assuming you play  your cards right and there is a later."

"What's for dessert?"

[Sector India-Navy | Promenade]
[Holosuite One]
[Banff Hot Springs – Resort]

The sunset was a never-ending theme between each of the three destinations they had visited on the holodeck on this date. Roderick thought that now would be the perfect time to settle down, unwind, and relax in the Rocky Mountain's Resort hot springs waters in Canada.

With the snow cover in the middle of winter, the cabin they had outside the sizeable hot spring lake was for just the two of them. The aqua lit, warm health waters were steaming up and off into the evening chilly night. The wooden lodge resort around them led to the large pool and hot tubs.

James was the first to undress from his shirt and put on a pair of shorts for the springs. Beside them were two bottles of champagne yet again, with easy access to a room nearby, if they ever did get that far.

The darkness of the night was giving away to the broad mystical blues, purples, and greens of the winter auroras silent flickering above them, amongst the ever-darkening canvas of stars.

"Cummon in." Roderick stepped down into the warm waist-high aqua lit waters, steam rising off into the background of heavily snowed in cliffs and aspen trees. "It's awesome!" He playfully splashed some of the water nearby Jon.

Normally. Jon would have had a smart alec comment or a clever retort.  But his mind wouldn't go there.  Not now.  He was too impressed.

He slipped out of his shirt and pants and laid them carefully on the loveseat, before walking back to the hot tub.  Leaving his underwear on, he climbed in across from the older man.

"So, the whole sunset idea was that just a lucky guess, or did you do it on purpose, because  sunsets are so much my thing."

"Very romantic James.  Very romantic indeed."

James chuckled. “Open that bottle, Cadet.” He winked—the bottle of champagne inside of an ice bucket with glasses at the side.

“I had wanted to share with you.” He had looked upward. “The Northern Lights. As a kid, my father used to call them the magical spirits of the Algonquin Natives. It’s rooted in their long-standing ancient lore.” He let his eyes gaze on the ever gently shifting currents of color and waves intertwined with the twinkling stars. He relaxed into the water and patted a seat beside him for Jon. “I want to share a lot with you.

Jon was suddenly hit with mixed feelings. The date, all of it from the beginning until that point had been beyond fantastic.  It had in one word been perfect. 

He liked James, so far he liked him a lot.  But this was still just their official date and it sounded to Jon like the older man was falling for him.  He realized it might just be his imagination or his ego that was making him think that way, but he couldn't be sure.

If he was even half right things were moving too fast for him.  But he didn't want to say anything because he didn't want to offend James or hurt him.

The only thing he could think of to say as he gazed at the lights was, "What kind of things?"

"Anything and everything?" He had shrugged and smiled. "How about that?" He didn't know himself, he just enjoyed a friend, someone more than a friend at this point in his life, and Jon seemed to be a great contender.

"Anything and everything?" the younger man echoed confusion and mixed emotions still swirling in his head.  "Why don't we start with something simple.  "What do you think of me, of us?"

James relaxed back in thought. He turned his head up towards the sky and then back to Jon. "I enjoy being around you. With you." He slowly stated. "I'd like us to continue. In whatever..." He raised a brow, with a giant smile. "Whatever this is?"

The cadet relaxed and hoped it didn't show too much. 

"I can live with that," he replied.  "In fact, I can more than just live with that.  Whatever this is, I want it to keep going."

Then he shifted his position in the hot tub and leaned in and kissed the older man.

James obliged into Jon's kiss. He didn't have to say anything more. He gently then placed his hand sliding up the back of Jon's neck and into his hair.