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Post 12 - Which would you like first? Good news or bad news?

Posted on Tue Mar 24th, 2020 @ 4:54pm by Captain Nathan Cowell MD & Commander Jared Badr-Garret

Mission: Episode 1: Changing of the Guard
Location: Sector Hotel - Main Infirmary
Timeline: Day 2 - 1430 Hours

[Starbase 38]
[Badr-Garret Crew Quarters]

Jared lounged around on the Starfleet issue furniture as Andreas and Sterling ran around changing out the decorations. They has stored much of their collection on Earth, but since they were coming via Starship they had brought plenty of items. For the first time in over a decade Jared was truly starting to feel at peace. Just being out on the edge again was helpful, and Jared had hope that Federation leadership would once again return to the ideals of the past.

He was jolted out of his thoughts as a skinny giant bounded into him. "Jesus!" Jared exclaimed laughing. The boy was only 14 and already several centimeters taller than Jared. Though Jared was not even tall for a Human was it still a surprise considering how small he had been only three short years ago. "Are you actually trying to kill me?"

"Sorry Dad." Andreas said momentarily chastised, but Sterling quickly dissolved that feeling.

"Kill you? Isn't that a little dramatic Jared?" Sterling asked laughing as he reentered the room. "Actually I'm nearly 100% certain you are being dramatic."

Jared shot Sterling a look of feigned indignation, "That could have worked if you weren't Betazoid."

"Yes, but then..." Sterling started, but stopped as the com system activated.

"Infirmary to Andreas Badr-Garrett," a voice called out over the comm.

Jared spoke up before Sterling could. "Yes doctor this is Andreas's father Jared. How can I help you sir?"

"Report to the Infirmary immediately for a mandatory civilian resident health assessment," the voice ordered flatly.

Sterling's rolled his toward the ceiling and Jared patted Andreas on the shoulder reassuringly, "Doctor was there an issue with records transferred from the Lancelot?"

"This assessment covers items not addressed by the Lancelot records. Report to the Infirmary, Commander. Infirmary out," the old man said with finality before the comm deactivated.

Shaking his head Jared replied, "Of course doctor I'll bring him up now. Garret out." Looking at Sterling, "Well he's a bit of an ass isn't he. Don't worry I'll take him down so you don't lose your cool." Jared added seeing Sterling was a little upset.

"Oh he's something alright." Sterling said before heading back into the bedroom.

"Come on Andreas lets get this over with. Don't worry I'm sure it will all be ok." Jared could see Andreas was a little worried, but with the reassurance of his father he nodded and they headed out of their quarters to the nearest lift.

[Sector Hotel - Main Infirmary Reception]

Jared and Andreas stepped up to the waiting receptionist, but before Jared could speak up Andreas did first. At 14 years old he had begun to assert himself more in public situations. Sometimes with humorous side effects, but for the most part Jared approved.

"I'm Andreas Badr-Garret. Some old cranky doctor told me to report here." Andreas feigned being wounded when Jared poked him in his ribs, "Ouch, well he does sound old and cranky and he didn't even say his name."

Jared thought about correcting him, but overall it was an apt description and settled for a shrug directed to the receptionist.

The man stiffened up at the description, "That would be our new... um... Chief Medical Officer... Captain Cowell. He's... uh... he's particular about how things are run, I'll grant you that. I'll let him know you're here."

The young Lieutenant hadn't put the registration into the computer for more than a standard minute for a man dressed in the regalia of a Chief Medical Officer to walk into the expansive lobby area. The old man spotted the pair rather easily given that they were the only people sitting in the waiting area at the moment.

"Follow me, if you would," the elderly looking officer called out to them.

"Like I got a choice." mumbled Andreas as Jared prodded him forward.

Nathan led the two into the depths of the Infirmary, passing through a throng of unoccupied medical beds before entering a much smaller corridor with doors lining it. The old man stopped just after a door and turned around, motioning for the two following him to proceed inside. Once they had all entered the examination room, the doctor motioned for the young boy to sit on the examination table while indicating that his guardian should sit in a chair just off to the side of the table further into the room.

"I've read the report sent from the Lancelot about your son. The problem I have with it is that is doesn't do a good enough job addressing several rather common aliments that have been seen in hybrids of your child's type. Because of this, I feel that it would be a failure on my part, as well as a disservice to you and you partner if I didn't attempt to address this oversight and curtail any problems before they started," the Captain outlined in a rather practiced and methodical manner, a rather sharp deviation from his abrupt demands not too long ago.

Jared was surprised by the change in attitude from the doctor. Jared slid into the available chair thinking it was like the doctor became a different person when he wasn't a doctor. "Of course doctor thank you." Was all really Jared could say, but as he made eye contact with Andreas he could see the boy was about to make a statement and there was no time to stop him.

"Are you bi-polar or something?" Andreas asked bluntly while scrutinizing the older man.


"Sorry," was the only response as he looked down and away from the doctor or his father.

"No," the doctor answered the boy, "But when you get to be six hundred years old, you don't have the luxury of beating around the bush. Now, the first thing I want to know is whether you've been having any unusual or particularly bad pains in any of your joints recently. Say... the last six months or so."

"Nope." was all Andreas said with a shrug. One word answers has become increasingly common as he moved into his teenage years.

The old man nodded and picked up what at first glance might have been an older style PaDD... that is, until he pulled a pencil out of his overcoat and started writing on it. A few notations later, the doctor put what could only now be assumed to be a clipboard down and picked up yet another somewhat archaic looking tricorder, something not seen in at least the last decade.

"I'm going to get a baseline scan, that way we have something to compare when you come in for semi-annual checkups. We're also going to need a blood sample from you so we can run some DNA sequencing tests to ensure there aren't any surprises lurking in your biological lineage," the Captain explained as he started waving the small scanning device in front of the young man's face.

"My biological lineage? Like who my parents were?" Andreas suddenly interested again.

Jared didn't respond to the question leaving it for the doctor. In his mind he knew Andreas was just asking his question, but it still stung a little. He and Sterling were Andreas's parents regardless of biology as far as Jared was concerned.

The old man glanced over at the Commander sitting quietly in the corner, wincing at the thoughtless words of his young charge. With a bit of a sigh to himself, Nathan placed the scanning device back into the tricorder and went back to the desk to retrieve a hypospray with an empty liquid vial. When he returned to the boy's side, he pressed it against the kid's neck and the hiss of liquid being extracted filled the room. When the vial was filled with the dark green liquid that was the child's blood, Nathan pulled it from the cradle and set it into yet another instrument that rested on the wall.

"Your biological lineage means the people who provided you with the genetic material that makes you who you are. Parents are another thing entirely," the old man commented as he watched the DNA sequences start to flash up on a holographic screen.

The elderly Captain grunted a few times as he picked up his clipboard and made several more annotations to it before turning the sequencer off.

"Which would you like first? Good news or bad news?" the old man asked, his eyes on the man in the corner rather than the boy himself.

Jared was caught off guard by the question having thought there would only be good news. He stood and walked over to Andreas and put his arm around the boy's shoulders. "Bad then good I suppose."

"Very well," Nathan said as he crossed his arms in front of him, "Your boy has a weak heart. The human part of his bloodline is the culprit. Most human bodies operate at half the internal fluid pressure that a Romulan body would. This condition, however, is in no way debilitating since we caught it right before his rapid metabolic phase... or puberty if you like something simpler to say. This means that, with a few months of regular tissue therapy and a controlled exercise regime to keep him fit but still inactive enough to prevent damage to his heart, he'll live to be just shy of two hundred."

Jared nodded and looked at Andreas who was looking back at him, "Doesn't sound that serious and the good doctor here will make sure it doesn't get serious in the future. So don't worry yourself about it ok?"

The boy smiled a little and nodded his spirits brightened slightly, "You said there was good news also right?"

"Yes, I did. The DNA sequencer also identified several anomalies in your brain chemistry as well. While on the surface, this sounds like a problem, but in reality it means that your dual heritage managed to stumble upon a mutation that allows for better learning functionality than normal. To put it more bluntly, you have the capacity to be smarter than anyone in your age group if you apply yourself. And as an added bonus, though I doubt this means anything to you know, you are not susceptible to a great many degenerative brain disorders that plague both Romulans and humans. In that respect, you hit the lottery big," Nathan said before pulling off a sheet of paper and handing it, folded up, to Jared.

"That's some other little follow up things you may or may not want, I'll leave it up to you," the Doctor said before tossing the clipboard onto the desk, "And with that, the medical examination is over. Do you have any questions for me, young man?"

"I told you I was super smart," Andreas said to Jared laughing, and Jared responded by rolling his eyes and laughing.

"You've created a monster, Doctor." Jared said jokingly. He slid the paper into a pocket to examination later. "You didn't answer the doctor's question though. Any other questions?"

A shrug, "Nah."

Jared shook his head. "Thank you doctor. I'm sure we will be in touch again soon."

"The follow-up appointments were already scheduled," the old man smirked, "See you in a few weeks."

Captain Nathan Cowell, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Starbase 38

Commander Jared Badr-Garret
Chief Engineering Officer
Starbase 38


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