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Happy Anniversary

Posted on Wed Jun 17th, 2020 @ 6:43pm by Lieutenant Commander Brendan D'Agostini
Edited on Wed Jun 17th, 2020 @ 6:57pm

“Personal Log, supplemental,” D’Agostini began in a hoarse voice. His eyes were bloodshot with lack of sleep, but tucked away in darkest corner of his room, like a bat fearful of light, he hid it from the absent observers. ”It’s our anniversary today.”

He paused and sighed. Did the computer record the heavy sigh? D’Agostini wondered silently whether it picked up on those subtle emotional releases or just the dictated words.  It gave perhaps more context than a full sentence in the log, but it would probably omit it when it compiles the recording, dismissing it as mere background noise and simply too uninteresting to bother saving for posterity.

”I can’t remember ever celebrating the day when we were together. It’s probably more likely we were at each other’s throats every time the date came around. But now that it’s all over, I’ve marked the date every year.”

He gazed sorrowfully at the picture of the Talia and him on the end table. They were in each other’s arms on the edge of a rock face with smiles on their faces. The last relic of his three year long adventure into wedlock.

”It’s just another day after all, why should it matter more than any other? Andorians don’t bother to celebrate it, hell a lot of cultures don’t so why should it matter so much to me?”

The rhetorical question floated in the air for a good several seconds before D’Agostini could muster a reply.

”I try not to think about it - her - whatever it was we had. Maybe the anniversary is just my way of catharsis, but it stings just to think about it. For those few minutes with the captain officiating the ceremony it was perfect. Everything was perfect from the smile on her face to how she laughed when I couldn’t slip the ring on her finger on the first try. Then it all went to hell.”

”Computer, pause.”

D’Agostini took a long swig from the glass beside him. It was only water but it seemed to burn on the way down anyway his throat was so sore. It hurt to talk but he felt compelled to go on.

"Resume personal log," he said calmly. "There were enough warning signs to be sure, but it didn't seem to matter at the time. We had enough between us that I figured if we hadn't called it quits by that point we could make it through anything. But then it kept geting worse, so maybe the joke's on me..."

"So here I am, stationed on a backwater station, trapped in a routine that could put a teenager to sleep with boredom and no prospect of promotion in sight. But then again there are more dig sites within 5 parasecs of here then anywhere else in the sector, so thanks for that Talia," he muttered sarcastically.

"I wish I could just face the music. You know, just get up and walk away. Resign my commission and start fresh, but who am I kidding. That's not me, I clung to a relationship that was doomed for years. Married her just to keep the spark alive for a little longer. No, at this rate I'm going to be a perpetual lieutenant commander, running routine diagnostics and overseeing repairs on turbolifts until I'm a hundred years old."


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