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Just moved in

Posted on Wed May 13th, 2020 @ 9:21pm by Cadet Willow Beckmen

Cadet Beckman's personal log

Well, I've arrived here. What more do I need to say? I've checked in, confirmed quarters and even managed to unpack some of my stuff. Mum would be proud, uniforms are already put away all tidy like.

Confirmed medical files have arrived with the appropriate offices and waiting to hear back on when they want to see me, if they want to see me. Don't see why but hey, who knows what runs through the heads of medical professions?

I was able to call my grandparents and have just finished speaking with them to assure them all is well and I'm safe and sound. That's likely my last long range call for the forseeable future. Just the hoops to hop through is a pain. Pops worries but I think it's just more I'm on the other side of the Federation from everyone back home. Geez, how long is a one way trip?

Couldn't get hold of mum, but then again, she is the XO of a starshp. Left a message, likely hear back soon. Wish I had been able to talk to her. I mean, this is an awesome oppurtunity but at the same time downright scary. Away from the Academy proper, more focus on subjects I'm barely passing at. Well, guess my already stunted social life can just go leap out an airlock.

Need to find the right people to talk to about confirming flight certifications have made it across. Computer says they've made it but I'm feeling paranoid in this instance. To important to have lost in some data transfer.

Right. I'm tired, I'm hungry and I'm bored. Dinner then bed, catch up on study in the morning.

End log.


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