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Barzan Sector


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Barzan Wormhole   The Barzan Wormhole is a formerly-unstable natural wormhole in the Barzan system with a fixed terminus near Barzan II and apertures in the Gamma and Delta Quadrants. Administrated jointly by the Federation and the Barzan people, it is primarily under the control of Task Force 38, with Starbase 38 operating a fixed verteron array to maintain its stability.

The Barzan Wormhole is largely inactive, except for a 1-hour period every ninety-one days, during which its Alpha Quadrant terminus opens and connects for approximately 30-minute intervals with two apertures, one in the Gradin Belt and the other in the Nacene Reach. Starfleet is continuing to study the subspace dynamics of the wormhole and hopes to increase connection time and frequency. It takes a vessel approximately five minutes to cross the wormhole.
Starbase 38   Starbase 38, occasionally referred to as the Colonnade, serves as the headquarters for Task Force 38. It is strategically positioned near the Barzan Wormhole in order to function as Task Force 38 bridge to the Delta Quadrant. In orbit over Barzan II, this station is responsible for the continued operation and maintenance of the verteron array surrounding the wormhole, the ongoing resupply and refitting of Starfleet vessels, facilitating high level diplomatic engagements, operating high-level scientific and technological research initiatives, as well as acting as a hub of commerce for the surrounding sectors.

Starbase 38    [ View Specifications » ]
Main Operations   Operations is the main control center for Starbase 38, equivalent to the bridge of a starship. Located in the command module on the top of the station, it is a highly secure and restricted area.
Conference Lounge   There are three identical conference lounges in the command level of the station, one each in the Main Operations, Strategic Operations, and Task Force Operations towers.
Command Level Infirmary   Significantly larger than shipboard sickbays but also much smaller than the station's main hospital, the command level infirmary is intended to handle the medical needs of the station's most senior officers and other individuals who work in the command levels. It can handle anything ranging from check-ups to major surgery.
Harlan’s   A bar mentioned by USS Apollo crew, and now officially a part of SB38 canon.
The Corral Honkey Tonk   The vanguard of skeevy yet charming dive bars aboard SB38. Props to USS Apollo for mentioning this place.