Guardian Station

Barzan Sector


Episode 3: Aftermath

Post Count: 141

In the aftermath of a Breen attack, the crew of the newly renamed Guardian Station must come to terms with a new reality.

Part of Chapter 1 - Guardian of the Gate

Episode 4: Freefall

Post Count: 18

Due to a mysterious computer failure, Guardian Station has lost main power, as well as all of its engines and flight control systems during a critical attitude adjustment maneuver, leaving the station on course to collide with debris from the recent battle with the Breen and eventually Barzan II itself.

Part of Chapter 1 - Guardian of the Gate

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Episode 1: Changing of the Guard

Post Count: 165

Thanks to the expansion of Task Force 38, many of Starbase 38's senior staff have been promoted and reassigned to starships that will be traveling beyond the wormhole to the Delta Quadrant, leaving Rear Admiral Belvedere to break in both new subordinates and a new superior. This is made all the more complicated by a visit from the Turei Alliance, as their ambassador formally inaugurates an embassy to the Federation.

Part of Chapter 1 - Guardian of the Gate

Interlude: Settling In

Post Count: 58

This mission contains posts set between Missions 1 and 2, approximately two weeks in late January 2399.

Part of Chapter 1 - Guardian of the Gate

Episode 2: The Tenth Rule

Post Count: 164

"Greed is eternal." - The Tenth Rule of Acquisition

Two weeks after the Barzan Wormhole opened for the first time under Starbase 38's new command crew, the staff is locked in heated negotiations with the Ferengi Alliance, the Turei Coalition, the Tholian Hegemony, and the Octanti Diaspora in support of the base's primary objective: to support the Federation's exploratory goals in the Delta Quadrant. The four parties all want different things and it is a strain both on the base's facilities and its crew to manage all of their competing demands and requirements. One thing remains true through all of this: greed remains eternal.

Part of Chapter 1 - Guardian of the Gate

Academy Episode 1: To The Brink

Post Count: 76

Two squadrons of cadets have been shipped to Barzan II from their comfortable lives at Starfleet Academy to the brink of Federation space where they have been enrolled in an intensive training program for future officers in Starfleet's Delta Quadrant program. Three weeks into their stay on Barzan II, classes begin in earnest now that orientation is finished and they are faced with an intensive regime of physical and academic coursework. Will everyone make it to the brink and back?