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Lieutenant Evelyn Hirsch

Name Evelyn Marina Hirsch

Position Head Nurse

Rank Lieutenant

Demographic Information

Character Summary As a student and medical staff aboard two starships and at Starfleet Academy, Evelyn Hirsch was quiet and reserved, never sticking around long and rarely leaving enough of an impression to become friends with anyone. She spent her early life somewhat lonely and quietly, only beginning to come out of her shell in her 30s after a major epiphany about who she is.
Species Human
Gender Transgender Woman
Sexuality Pansexual
Birthdate May 1, 2366
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Tall, thin, and a tiny bit awkward in her own skin, Evelyn is not hard to pick out of a crowd. Her wavy hair is black with a prominent streak of gray across the right side of her bangs, hangs down to her shoulders, and, when she is working, it most often can be found in a messy bun. Her blue eyes are rather large, the color not dissimilar from the medical uniform she wears on her day job.

Her jaw is squarish, her body relatively absent of curves - she is transgender, and has only recently begun hormone treatments, and so significant change will take time before it becomes apparent.
Build Lanky
Height 185cm
Hair Color Black, with a streak of gray
Eye Color Blue


Personality & Traits

General Overview While in her private life, Evelyn is still somewhat quiet and struggles to assert herself, as a medical professional, she is all business. She knows what she's doing as a nurse and does her best to assert herself on these matters. Outside of work, she keeps to herself out of habit, but is slowly beginning to push herself to spend time with people, talk to them, and forge connections.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Hard worker
+Dedicated to keeping her knowledge base current
+Very Thorough

-Trouble connecting socially with both patients and coworkers
-Has a hard time asserting herself when she isn't 100% certain about her knowledge
Hobbies & Interests Evelyn spends much of her free time reading, listening to music, and writing. Her primary interests in both reading and writing are fiction, but she spends a good amount of her reading time keeping up on medical news and developments. A good amount of her writing time is spent on personal logs, mostly out of habit.