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Cadet Loren Finanahad

Name Loren Elan Finanahad

Position Nursing Cadet

Rank Cadet

Demographic Information

Character Summary Loren is a compassionate man with a desire to help others He chose to become a nurse because he can be more hands-on than he thinks a doctor can be. Being an empathic metamorph has complicated his life, but there is nothing he can do to change his heritage. He has to fight against his nature to find freedom and love.
Species Kriosian
Gender Male
Sexuality Pansexual
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Loren, like many of his species, is often confused with a Trill, because of his spots. The markings are similar but different. His are more subtle and more block-like than interlinking like a Trill. And, they run down his face and neck to his back to about halfway down his body, rather than running down his chest and legs as a Trill would have.

His hair is a chestnut brown that is cut moderately short, well within the guidelines, but cut stylishly and is almost never out of place. His eyes are a rich, warm, true brown that give others the impression of a cup of hot cocoa.

He is not a bodybuilder, or really an athlete per se. He doesn’t particularly work out in the traditional sense, though he does a lot of cardio and freerunning which keeps him in good shape. He is slightly taller than average at six feet one and rather broad-shouldered he weighs two hundred and five pounds.

When not in uniform, he tends to dress in stylish clothing, much of which he makes himself.
Build Athletic
Height 6'1
Weight 205
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown


Partner(s) Cai Rondolos(estranged betrothed)
Children None
Parents Demar Finanahad
Siblings None
Other Family Some aunts, uncles, cousins and other distant relative

Personality & Traits

General Overview Loren is an empathic metamorph, which means that he will change his behavior, personality, and even sexual desires to meet and match those of his potential mate. That is part of what defines him, but aside from someone interested in potential romantic relationships, it is only a small part. He is a well-rounded individual who truly cares about others.

The Kirosian society is rather rigidly divided between nobility and the common people. Loren was one of the fortunate minority. He was further privileged, at least according to his people to be an empathic metamorph. While his kind was more common than a female metamorph it was still something of a rarity.

An only child he was trained in the traditions of a metamorph and was destined to be married off to another noble family to unite both families and make each of them stronger and more politically connected. It wasn’t as if he resented the fact that he was supposed to marrying another boy, who was even decent looking enough, it was that he resented having to marry anyone and not making his own choices.

He struggled with this, resisting his training, even his nature, but he wanted to be the one to choose who he married and most importantly who he fell in love with. He wants to embrace his nature, but on his own terms, not his parents or society.

He is naturally gregarious and charming and can, under the right circumstances be flirtatious.

Strengths & Weaknesses Loren is a metamorph that hasn’t fully imprinted yet He has fought being fully imprinted because he wants to do so on his own terms and not someone else's. That has created some inner conflict for him and while it hasn’t hampered his socialization skills it has made him wary of becoming emotionally attached.

He can pick up on surface thoughts or emotions without consciously attempting to do so. The more time he spends with another person the deeper he can sense their thoughts and emotions. The person he imprints or bonds with, he will connect with at the deepest level.

He also gives off pheromones to attract potential mates. He supplements his personal control over this ability by taking shots every month.

He harbors a deep resentment towards his family and their repeated insistence that he fulfill his duty and marry Cai, even though he doesn’t love the boy.

He is both drawn towards relationships because of his nature, yet at the same time fears becoming committed and imprinted to the wrong person.

He is an excellent doctor, with caring, bedside manner, but dealing with paperwork is not a strength of his.

He is an intelligent and logical thinker.
Ambitions : Avoid going home to Krios Prime, care for his patients, be a positive influence with both doctors and patients, be the best doctor possible, find someone to settle down with Retire, and open a restaurant.

Hobbies & Interests Reading, Free Running, ballet, extreme sports

Whatever interests the one he imprints with has.

Personal History When Loren was just a toddler it was determined that he was an empathic metamorph This especially delighted his parents as their family was part of the nobility and they wanted to climb the social ladder and become richer and more powerful. That suited the Ronolo’s family too since they were in a similar situation. Their firstborn was also a boy, whom they had named Coi. Both families had plenty of land. They owned or controlled various businesses and holdings that were different from each other. A combining of the families would have enriched them both. As such, the feelings and concerns for either child were not truly taken into consideration.

The two boys did see each other a handful of times as they grew up and some tentative emotional bonds were formed Neither Loren or Cai hated or resented each other, but they weren’t close either and no permanent bonding took place.

His official training as a metamorph, which consisted of both formal education and informal indoctrination started when he was five and lasted until he was fourteen.

At the age of fifteen, he was sent to live with Cai, for six months, but the two boys were able to avoid Loren’s being fully imprinted. When he was sixteen he and Coi both ran away on the same freighter. Loren found he had a natural affinity towards medicine and by the time the ship had arrived on Earth almost a year later (Cai had left at his first opportunity) He was helping in the ship’s sickbay

He did well at the Academy both socially and academically, with a large number of companions he was friendly towards, a smaller, but decent size group of true friends and a very small inner circle of close friends. He is on a dual-track at the Academy of nursing and physiology. He is being pulled in two different directions; the scientific or research side and practicing medicine and caring for patients.
Service Record 2395-2399 Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth
2399- Present Starbase 38