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Cadet Jonathan Forrest

Name Jonathan Michael Forrest

Position Flight Control Cadet

Rank Cadet

Demographic Information

Character Summary Jonathan has wanted to command his own starship for as long as he can remember. He doesn't intend on settling for anything less. He's a social butterfly, completely comfortable in his own skin. He's gregarious, outgoing, and completely self-confident. He's able to adapt and think well on his feet. He is also impulsive with an ask for forgiveness rather than permission attitude

Species Human
Gender Male
Sexuality Homosexual
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Jonathan is not the most intimidating figure around, at an even six feet tall, he is only slightly above average. He carries all of his one hundred seventy pounds well because it is all muscle, but he hardly has an imposing bulk. However he carries himself with an air of confidence, so it is hard not to notice his presence when he walks into a room.

For much of the year, his hair is the color of dark, wet, sand. But, from late spring to early fall the sun lightens it and gives it highlights. It is well within regulations for a cadet but comes close to the maximum length the guidelines allow. His eyes are hazel Normally they appear greenish-brown, but under the right conditions; a certain light, something he wears, or even his mood, his eyes can look pale blue, or even grey.

He is proud of his uniform and fills it well, but when relaxing with friends or away from class his clothing is stylish but casual.

Build Athletic
Height 6'0
Weight 170
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel


Partner(s) None
Children None
Parents Admiral Marcie Forrest-Winters 54
Siblings None
Other Family Lt.Commander Michael Hall (53), biological father

Step Mother Evelyn Winters-Forrest (52)

Sarish Anjar, ex-boyfriend

Elizabeth Hall 18 half sister

Personality & Traits

General Overview Honor, duty, and integrity are not just empty words to Jonathan, they are words he has chosen to live by. It was inevitable that he would join Starfleet, after all, he is a direct descendant of Maxwell Forrest, one of Starfleet’s first and finest admirals and both his parents were high ranking officers. His mother Marcie started out in Security and worked her way up. She became an admiral six years ago after a decade or so as a ship’s Captain. His mom Jennifer is a Commodore and an engineer. He has been a Starfleet brat all of his life and has spent time on both ships and starbases alike. His parents were more often than not on separate billets and he was often left alone for great periods of the day. So, when he wasn’t in class, or spending time with family, he did a lot of exploring and he became thoroughly familiar with many different ships and stations. He was able to talk to people from every different department that Starfleet has to offer which has given him a perspective that most cadets don’t have. It also means he can relate to people in those different departments and, growing up, found it easy to make friends with just about everyone.

Starfleet has always been a part of his life and he wouldn't want it any other way He likes the idea of having a career there. He knows it’s not perfect but, he wants to try to make it better.

His biggest desire is to command a Starship someday. Upon entering the Academy he applied and was accepted for the Command Track. His second love was flying, so is minoring Flight Control. He would like to pilot a Starship someday and has logged many hours on various size ships and simulators. He is already highly proficient with small crafts, having earned his shuttlecraft pilot's license in High School
On the one hand, his mothers have given him a lot of freedom. They didn’t push him into joining Starfleet, he signed up because he wanted to. They don’t care who he falls in love with or sleeps with as long as he is careful and happy, and they only asked that he get in at a reasonable hour, though they don’t define what they consider to be reasonable. On the other hand, while they don’t try to squash his love life, they are nosy about it and other matters he would prefer to keep private. And, while they haven’t pushed him towards Starfleet or command, they are elated at his choices and are keeping a close eye on him and trying to subtly pull strings for him, even though he wants to do things on his own.

The fact that they are trying to help him out, is not a big secret which sometimes makes it hard for him, because fellow students who know about it as well as some faculty and staff may tend to think his achievements are not his own. And his mother's affect his personal life as well. Friend’s motives are often questioned, lovers, there have only been two, interrogated for details, and he has to check in with them far more often than he wants to. That was one of the reasons he chose to leave the Academy in San Francisco and move to the Academy Annex at Starbase 38. He wanted to be as far away from their influence as possible.

While he generally, believes in following rules and the chain of command, he doesn’t do so blindly and is not afraid to ask questions or raise objections when he thinks something is wrong. He can sometimes be a risk-taker, a gambler. He is intuitive in his thinking.

He's very protective of those he loves, especially his sister Angela

Strengths & Weaknesses Jonathan is intuitive rather than an analytical thinker. The fact that his intuition is usually good is a strength and works in his favor. The fact that he relies on it, sometimes to the exclusion of the analytics works against him and is a weakness. He is a very good tactician, thinking well on his feet and able to adapt and overcome. However, he’s not that good of a planner. Navigation and piloting are areas that he is quite skilled in, if he wasn’t looking for a career in command, he would want to fly fighter craft. On the other hand, engineering and science are subjects he struggles with. He is gregarious and a social butterfly, even flirtatious. That makes him good at reading people and making them feel part of the team, but he sometimes has a problem in knowing when to be serious and when not to be.

He is very good in hand to hand combat, but his skills with a phaser still need work.

Even as a first-year student, he had far more experience than many cadets that have been at the Academy for four years. As a Senior now he has even greater knowledge. Still, that’s not the same thing as field experience

He is confident in his abilities, sometimes overconfident.
Ambitions His primary goal is to serve with honor and distinction in his personal life and as an officer. Professionally, he would like to command a starship and knows he has the ability to do so. Personally, he wants to find someone to settle down and start a family with (though in the process of looking for Mr. Right, a replacement for his first love, he’s been known to settle for Mister Right Now)
Hobbies & Interests Jonathan is a very creative person. He enjoys spending time in the holodeck and was writing programs at a very young age. He was a striker on his High School soccer team. He also enjoys swimming, Parisees Squares, and T0ai Chi.

Being the social butterfly that he enjoys being in front of people whether that is debate(he was on the mock Federation Council in High School)the theater, or public speaking in general.

Personal History Jonathan’s mothers met shortly after they both left the Academy and were serving on the Reliant together. They met, fell in love, and after something of a whirlwind romance they were married. Like any marriage, they have had their ups and downs, but theirs is a happy relationship. They had been married for five years when they decided to have children. Since both women were stationed together at the time they decided to get pregnant at the same time, using artificial insemination to do so. While both women’s first priority was to have a healthy, happy child, they also wanted that child to be bright with a lot of potential.

They selected Michael Hall, a friend of Marice's who like her was a rising star, who was 28 at the time. He was one of the best infiltration officers within the Intelligent Division and had a string of highly successful undercover operations under his belt.

He is highly intelligent with a keen mind and like his son very intuitive. Jonathan was born first on June 11th and his brother Alex was born three weeks later on June 25th. Michael had no desire to be part of either of the boys’ lives nor did the mothers have any real interest in having him a part of their life.

There were long stretches where the family was not altogether, Jonathan was sometimes with his mother Marcie sometimes he was with his mom Jennifer. Sometimes his brother was with him, sometimes not. The two women were able to coordinate leaves and were always together for those times. On a handful of times over the years, they were all together until the last two and a half years when both women were assigned to Starfleet Headquarters.

Most people could have cared less that Jonathan had two mothers, but he would occasionally get comments from nonhuman children that came from a heteronormative culture. He would sometimes get into fights over this when he was younger thinking he’d been slighted or that they were insulting his moms. As he grew older the questions lessened and rather than get in a fight over it when it did he shrugged it off or used words rather than his fists.

He would rather use his words to get out of other situations and avoid unnecessary brawls, but is not afraid to throw a punch, or jump into a fight when he thought he should and he’s had to do that a handful of times, usually coming out on top.

In 2387, Jennifer, who he always called mom, not mother was killed in the synth attack on Mars. Jonathan and Angela were 9 at the time Angela was in the process of starting her transition. His mother's death was devastating to the young pre-teen but it drove him closer to his mother. He wanted to be just like her when he grew up.

Evelyn Winters was a counselor who helped them all through their time of grief and Angela through her transition. Gradually the two women fell in love and were married five years ago when the siblings were sixteen

As he grew older his relationship with his mothers became more complicated. He still loved them, but he began to resent what he considered to be their interference. They would question the motivation of his friends, and while they allowed him to explore his sexuality.

They weren’t above sharing about his accomplishments; his acing a test or scoring the winning goal in Parrises Squares, or soccer with those who not only wanted to hear but those who didn’t have a lot of interest in hearing. This has put a strain on their relationship and he is glad to be away from them and truly on his own (Though he does have to contact them by subspace radio at least once a week.)

His relationship with his brother became complicated as well, but for a different reason. Both boys were close to each other and shared some common traits, but in many ways, they were very different from each other. When Alex turned twelve, he came out to his family that he was a girl, trapped in a boy's body By fifteen he had begun hormone treatments and had surgery. Now, at 18 hormones have worked their magic and Alex is now fully Angela.

While he loved Alex/Angela unconditionally, there was a period of questioning and adjustment. It is one thing to accept someone who is transsexual, but another when that person is someone you knew for so long as a boy, who has become a girl. Especially when that person is going through the transition.

From early on, he was a very social person, a natural leader, and even something of a diplomat.

For most of his life, he wasn’t in a regular school. Depending on the size of the ship he was either in a classroom with only a few kids, or he was with a tutor, so he was much more accomplished in dealing with adults.

When the family moved back to San Francisco, he and Angela were allowed to attend a regular, public, High School.

The school that they chose was Mission High School, the oldest school in the city that was still in the same location, On Eighteenth street between Mission Dolores and Mission Church. He served on student council all three years and was the Senior Class president. He did well in his classes with a strong, high B average. He also played on the Soccer and Parrises Square teams.,

While there he met and fell in love with a Bajoran boy named Sarish Anjar. He was crushed when Anjar decided to move back to Bajor to further his career as a diplomat, while he chose to attend the Academy as he had told Anjar he was doing for the three years they were together. This left him heartbroken, but no less determined to pursue his career.

He's mostly kept his nose clean, but there's been a fight or two. He's had one or two professors express his irritation at his speaking out of turn and there was one fly by incident at the Golden Gate bridge that resulted in an official reprimand in his record, his only blemish so far.

Service Record 2396-2399 Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco CA

2399- Present Star Base 38 Academy Annex