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Captain John McBride

Name John Duncan McBride

Position Second Officer
Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Captain

Demographic Information

Species Human
Gender Male
Sexuality Heterosexual
Age 69

Physical Appearance

Build Average
Height 6'2"
Weight 195lbs
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Brown


Partner(s) None
Children None
Parents Thomas McBride (Deceased), Professor of Literature
Siblings VADM James McBride, Starfleet Science Command
Other Family Professor William Dunbar, Historian - Brother-in-law

LCDR Thomas Dunbar, Starfleet Intelligence Officer - Nephew

Personality & Traits

General Overview On the surface, John McBride appears gruff, rude and intolerant - an image he intentionally cultivates. Underneath this exterior, he actually cares deeply for those that he is close to. He despises unprofessional people, those he considers incompetent, and the majority of Starfleet flag officers (a great number of who fall into both of the first two categories, in McBride's opinion). In short, McBride would describe himself as unable to suffer fools gladly.

He has a tendency to look upon those that he works with - especially his younger colleagues - as his students - in many ways continuing his former occupation as teacher and mentor. These individuals will benefit from McBride's experience, intelligence, wisdom and wit - but will also suffer his disappointment, sharp tongue and annoyance should things not go exactly as he intended.

Almost every Starfleet officer who passed through the Academy from the mid-2370s onwards has been lectured by McBride in his role of Professor of Strategic Studies and thanks to his unique, inimitable and exacting teaching style will most likely remember him with hatred, loathing and gut-wrenching fear (and in a very small number of cases, with fondness and love - and in almost every case with great respect at the very least). Those former cadets - now serving officers - will no doubt remember their former taskmaster by the nickname whispered in the hallways, dormitories and bars of the Starfleet Academy campus - ‘McBride of Frankenstein’ - a name given due to the fact that from the front of his lecture theatre he was able to strike fear into the hearts of even the hardiest of cadets by asking them to publicly describe their (most likely incorrect) opinion of a tactical or strategic engagement from history or to read aloud in front of two hundred fellow cadets from their recently submitted thesis on strategic doctrine (most likely marked ‘weak’, ‘poor’, ’unacceptable' or ’simply nonsense’ by the professor before being returned to them).
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Vastly experienced, compassionate, fiercely loyal, pragmatic, incredibly intelligent, charming, decisive

Arrogant, patronising, stubborn, blunt, intolerant, confrontational
Ambitions McBride has two driving ambitions in his life - firstly to continue educating others by sharing his vast experience and knowledge and secondly to to experience and interact with as many newly discovered races as possible and to learn from them.
Hobbies & Interests Off duty, McBride’s interests include the study of the military history of a number of Federation worlds, oil painting, playing the piano, collecting and listening to Terran jazz music, the collection and appreciation of malt whiskies, fencing and collecting antique books. McBride is rarely found without his devoted aide, Master Chief Petty Officer William Lytton who behaves almost like a valet to McBride and has worked with him for over 25 years.