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Commander Javier Reyes

Name Javier Mateo Reyes

Position Senior Officer of the Watch

Rank Commander

Demographic Information

Character Summary A talented officer, Commander Reyes is respected as a thoughtful leader and excellent logistician, with a particular talent for putting a friendly face on everything he does. This has made him popular with colleagues and, while not a formally trained diplomat, regularly puts him on missions which would benefit from compassion, kindness, and good humour from Starfleet. His career has been slow for his talents for two reasons: he is a dedicated family man who would rather progress slowly through the ranks than be separated from his wife and children, and he is a perpetual champion of the underdog who has railed against Starfleet pragmatism over the last fifteen years, likely a result of being the child and sibling of long-dead Maquis members.
Species Human
Gender Male
Sexuality Bisexual
Birthdate 2357
Age 42

Physical Appearance


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