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Lieutenant James Roderick

Name James Liam Roderick

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Demographic Information

Character Summary Roderick is complicated man. But that is what everyone is and to be celebrated. He is of average height and muscle mass. He is affable, a friend, and willing to talk about anything while off shift. Operations is his baby.

James is chill. He is like a hawk, always on the lookout for malfunctioning technology as a perfectionist. He endeavors to learn as much as he can in the Chief of Operations position on Guardian Station.

When he is off shift, he still can be found checking up on Guardian Station systems from remote, regardless of the assistant Ops.

Lieutenant JG Roderick needs the holodeck to de-stress at least once a month. He is in an alcohol binge, on a sun drenched beach in the Bahamas, Earth, Jamaica. Some raving is also required with deep hitting bass.

Lieutenant JG Roderick is kind and caring when the moment requires. He will stop working and address issues his coworkers experience. Helping his coworkers be their best, allows Operations to flourish as a team. That is who James is. He is a team player and a leader for Operations and Mechanical Projects. James won’t tolerate subordination or any attitude from a crewman who doesn’t act within a teamwork framework.

James has a passion for hockey outside of his Chief of Operations role. He studies hockey, watches hockey and plays hockey. He often works out to keep fit and active. He enjoys the fact that he can feel better eating a vegan diet.
Species Human
Birthplace Toronto, Canada
Gender Male
Sexuality Bisexual
Birthdate April 14, 2367
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Physical Description James is 32 years old. Medical Records indicate that Mr. Roderick is in top health, both physically and mentally. He sports average percentage of muscle deposits on his 5'11" frame. James has trimmed dark hair. When left, it can grow longer. He shaves almost every day and is left with a 5 O'clock shadow at the end of a grueling Operations shift.

Roderick once received a hockey puck to his face during a game. He was unconscious for 48 hours. A total of two teeth were medically replaced and implanted. Keeping physically fit by eating right, James is a Vegan. He exercises in the Guardian Station gymnasium every morning at 0500 hours before his Alpha shift begins.
Build Medium
Height 5'11"
Weight 142 Lbs.
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Blue


Partner(s) USS Trenton - Cassandra (Myers) Roderick ***Deceased***

At the age of 27 years, James and School Teacher Cassandra Myers, age 26, wedded in the year 2394 after two years of dating.

Children None
Parents Father - Michael Roderick (67) Federation Council Politician, North American Regional, Toronto, Canada, Earth, Sole System, UFP

Mother - Holly Roderick (60) Clothing Designer, Paris, France, Earth, Sole System, UFP
Siblings Kara Walker (Roderick), 34 years old.

Kara works for the Federation news reporting agency as one of the virtual networks entertainment reporters. Currently, Kara is working out of the London Bureau on Earth. Kara is Married to Daniel Walker, 36, and has a newborn of 11 months, named Kylie.

Kara keeps in constant contact with her older brother James.
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview James is an outgoing and caring person. He enjoys the little things in life. He loves to be in Starfleet, as he feels a kinship with fellow officers. He would give the shirt off of his back if needed.

James has been burned a few times in his life by passed loved ones, so he can be a little closed off. This wanes quickly. He is artistic, intuitive, and not so self absorbed. He believes whole heartedly in Federation principles of exploration and peace.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

James has extensive Federation Academy knowledge-based education and experience in languages, training, and technical abilities relating to Operations Control and Station Emergency Contingencies.

Having served numerous assignments, James developed communication and people skills, analytical problem solving, and planning skills.

Mr. Roderick possesses qualities attributed, such as dependable, flexible, friendly, working hard, expressive, formal, punctual, and being a team player.


Mr. Roderick can be impatient. He believes in teamwork, and that teamwork should flow smoothly, this should be steadfast and efficient. He will not tolerate delays.

Sometimes he can let his emotions show such as anger, annoyance, or anxiety over a situation.

Alcohol, Cigarettes, Cigars
Ambitions James Roderick has considerable ambitions in life.

So far on his bucket list, James has learned rock climbing, camped in the Arctic to see the Northern Lights, learned to play the classical guitar, and become a cook. He enjoys humor, making people laugh. He would like to do stand up comedy more often as a hobby.

James is currently learning to fly a classic Spitfire from Earth’s WWII era. James wants to publish an article on Operations Field dynamics in a Federation Science Journal.
Hobbies & Interests James interests lie in the operations and mechanical end. When he is not on the bridge, Roderick is in his quarters strumming to his electric guitar lessons. He has been successful, and soon, he looks forward to recording his first studio album on the holodeck.

He is passionate about keeping his body healthy and is in the Gym early at 0500 Hours every morning before his shift.

James has a five-year-old holographic Golden Retriever who lives with him in his quarters named "Hercules". Classic movies, modern music in the 24th century are other hobbies of James. He enjoys dancing when he has had a few alcoholic drinks with friends.


James cannot help but respond to fellow coworkers off shift as “Dawg” or “Brother”.

He is a unique character who enjoys classical musical history of rapping.

James can be seen with a swagger type of walk, when passing.

James has a habit of smoking, only for the nicotine.