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Lieutenant Selu Levne

Name Selu Levne

Position Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Demographic Information

Character Summary Selu Levne is moderately fit individual sporting the typical Orion green hue, black hair and by virtue of her father's heritage the pointed ears of a Vulcan. Encouraged to join Starfleet by her father, Levne entered into the Security division with the intention of starbase assignments in order essentially join a truly interplanetary police force. She takes her job seriously be believes that true and effective policing relies heavily on community engagement and understanding.
Species Orion/Vulcan
Birthplace Sura'shen General Hospital, Sura'shen, Trilan
Gender Female
Birthdate July 3rd, 2365
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 1.63m
Weight 60kg
Hair Color Black/Brown
Eye Color Brown


Parents Temeric Levne - Father
Dailin Levne - Mother
Other Family Tren - Paternal grandfather
S'rin - Paternal grandmother

Cordin Levne - Maternal grandfather
Vrinn Levne - Material grandmother

Personality & Traits