Grand Opening

Posted on Sun Dec 22nd, 2019 @ 4:26am by Commodore Bahnstahl Tasker

Well how about this brand spanking new thing we got right here, amiright?

Very happy to announce that Starbase 38 is officially open and ready for recruitment as of tonight! Great big old giant thanks to BFA, in particular Emily for her contributions to this rad nova, as well as for all the moral/technical support in getting this game ready for its debut. Also SUPER thankful for the patience and guidance of both members of our Task Force Senior Staff, Sean and David, without whom I would have been utterly lost in a never ending sea of HTML and confusing image files. I am very excited to talk to you in Discord, very excited to read all about your prospective characters, and very excited to present a slightly different format than what you may be used to in a Bravo Fleet simm!

A little about me, Stacks - I'm a big picture kind of guy, but I'm also a down and dirty fella. I'm very passionate about any and all of the endeavors I undertake, and I tend to jump before I look - which means that, admittedly, some aspects of the game mechanics will require some (probably sometimes unsolicited) feedback and input from my fellow writers! I like to think I'm very responsive to a DM, and hope you will reach out if you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or anything of the sort. I have our Pilot Episode all planned out, another waiting on deck that just needs a little spit shine, a whole 'nother jawn and a half that's coming out of the rough phase and starting to take solid shape, a cohesive outline for where I'd like to take things for the entire first season, as well as a direction I'd like to move in for season two.

All that to say we'll be writing our little old fingers off just as soon as you can say, "well this sounds interesting - sign me up!"

Thanks for checking out Starbase 38. I look forward to writing a bunch of really cool stuff with you!


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