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Welcome to Starbase 38, the final waystation for Starfleet vessels departing to the frontier of the Delta Quadrant! Not only does the Starbase function as a last stop, but also as the first bastion of Federation civilization that returning or visiting ships will be welcomed by. Starbase 38 is a Guardian-Class facility, gargantuan in size and sprawling in capacity, purpose built for the extensive diplomatic, scientific, and ongoing resupply needs of Task Force 38. Only the best and most promising junior officers will find their way to a posting aboard the Colonnade, and they will find themselves under the command of only the most experienced senior staff, all of whom are leaders in their respective specialties. A position aboard this installation requires a commitment to Starbase 38’s mission profiles:

1) Provide for the continued operation of the Verteron Array surrounding the Barzan Wormhole.

2) Ensure all vessels departing the Alpha Quadrant are primed and ready for extended, minimally-supported deep space missions according to Starfleet standards and regulations.

3) Identify, log, greet, and inspect any and all vessels entering the Alpha Quadrant via the Barzan Wormhole.

4) Play host to both official and informal visits from domestic and foreign dignitaries.

5) Serve as a high-level scientific facility, specifically geared towards the analysis of potentially rare or unprecedented specimens, samples, and discoveries from within the Delta Quadrant.

6) Maintain an orderly and robust civilian outpost aboard the station, specifically for the purpose of trade between and accommodation of both military and civilian traffic.

The Colonnade will serve as the vanguard of the now unified Bravo Fleet canon of Task Forces 38 and 25, as well as a likely in-universe hub of politics, trade, and scientific discovery for both the Alpha and Delta Quadrants. Your character - and by extension you, the writer - will be at the forefront of playing out and creating stories that will likely have effects and repercussions felt not only within the entire Task Force, and not only within Bravo Fleet, but likely in a way that will be of immediate and pressing concern to your character. The crew of Starbase 38 will have the opportunity to not only explore a main plot that will play out in both a serialized and episodic nature, but also engage in departmental side-quests in order to explore and grow their own characters.

Yes. Side-quests!

Like any good side-quest, there will be rewards for their successful (or even failed) completion. And like any good side-quest, there will nearly always be some mysterious, tangential, long-con connection to plot points further down the line. The command team hopes you will engage with these (inter)departmental storylines and find them both exciting and gratifying, and also highly encourages every writer involved to carve out their own niche in their own way, according to their own vision.

Welcome to Starbase 38, occasionally referred to as the Colonnade. We are very excited to have you here!

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» Grand Opening

Posted on Sun Dec 22nd, 2019 @ 4:26am by Commodore Bahnstahl Tasker in General News

Well how about this brand spanking new thing we got right here, amiright?

Very happy to announce that Starbase 38 is officially open and ready for recruitment as of tonight! Great big old giant thanks to BFA, in particular Emily for her contributions to this rad nova, as well as for all the moral/technical support in getting this game ready for its debut. Also SUPER thankful for the patience and guidance of both members of our Task Force Senior Staff, Sean and David, without whom I would have been utterly lost in a never ending sea of HTML and confusing image files. I am very excited to talk to you in Discord, very excited to read all about your prospective characters, and very excited to present a slightly different format than what you may be used to in a Bravo Fleet simm!

A little about me, Stacks - I'm a big picture kind of guy, but I'm also a down and dirty fella. I'm very passionate about any and all of the endeavors I undertake, and I tend to jump before I look - which means that, admittedly, some aspects of the game mechanics will require some (probably sometimes unsolicited) feedback and input from my fellow writers! I like to think I'm very responsive to a DM, and hope you will reach out if you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or anything of the sort. I have our Pilot Episode all planned out, another waiting on deck that just needs a little spit shine, a whole 'nother jawn and a half that's coming out of the rough phase and starting to take solid shape, a cohesive outline for where I'd like to take things for the entire first season, as well as a direction I'd like to move in for season two.

All that to say we'll be writing our little old fingers off just as soon as you can say, "well this sounds interesting - sign me up!"

Thanks for checking out Starbase 38. I look forward to writing a bunch of really cool stuff with you!